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Marriages might be made in heaven, but weddings are still an earthly affair. Planning for your wedding day is exciting, no doubt. In between the moments of preparing yourself for the biggest day of your life to handling the logistics, you might find yourself in a difficult situation. At a time like this, knowing where to start can mean all the difference in the world.

Relax; there’s no need to get worked up just yet. We’ve got some of the best tips directly from the wedding planner’s mouth to break down the big day into bite-sized chunks. These wedding planner tips for getting your perfect wedding are all you need to read.

1. Do the research – together!

A wedding is a joint ceremony, and should, therefore, be a joint effort from planning to preparation. Make sure you involve your partner in enjoying the highs and lows because you’re just going to get married once (hopefully). Choose the venue, plan the color schemes, pick out a theme if you would like to have any, and store all the valuable information in a diary. Match both your wedding ideals and choose the ones that match both of yours.

2. Choose the venue

You must choose the place where the wedding is to be held before everything else. When it comes to selecting a location, it might seem like a good idea to hold off till the last days, but this plan can dangerously backfire. You’d want to book your venue well in advance because other people get married too! The last thing we’d want is some other couple getting married at the venue of your dreams. Besides, bigger investments are best made well in advance for wiggle room.

Destination weddings also need to be planned further in advance, both for the sake of your vendors and your guests.  For instance, a recent couple traveled to Australia for their destination wedding, and luckily hired wedding planners Sydney to help coordinate the trip for everyone.  It took at least 6 months of planning before everything was set to go.  Keep that in mind!

3. Don’t worry about what the guests will think

When you’re faced with too many choices, it’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety in regards to how others will perceive your choices. However, don’t sweat yourself over it because your guests will hardly come to know what happened behind-the-scenes. They won’t know that prime rib was an option, but you decided to go for chicken breasts anyway. They won’t know that you decided to skip on silk and chose linen tablecloths. Focus on what works for you; not entirely for the guests.

4. Hire and shop locally

While it might be tempting for you to choose the best for everything, hiring the decorator from Paris and the caterer from Italy can set you back by a lot. A lot! Besides, planning and execution take a lot of time and effort, which are rather spent elsewhere in the pre-wedding days. Using local services maximizes the chance of things falling into place on the big day, especially as far as catering and decorations are concerned.

5. Take it easy!

Last but not least, don’t exhaust yourself to death. No seriously, don’t get so involved in the logistics that you lose sight of the thing that’s most important: your happiness! So, take a deep breath, hold your partner tight, and hope for the best.

Final words

Arranging a wedding is not rocket science; by keeping in mind these few simple tips, you can turn the best day of your life into something even better.


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