How Trees Can Add the Touch of Perfection to Your Fall Wedding

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Fall or Autumn is the season of color in nature. Trees around you start changing colors and form themselves as multi-colored artworks. The whole world becomes more vibrant and glowing.

As the weather becomes perfectly enjoyable and the surrounding becomes spectacularly beautiful, most people have the intention of arranging their wedding in this season. When it comes to the wedding, you must think about the theme first. And I must say that rustic wedding theme will be the perfect in this fall season. Do you know how to make your rustic fall wedding more special? Consider tree branches. You have no idea about the power of trees for the perfect fall wedding. So, let’s have a look.

  • All the trees become very colorful in the fall season. So saying “I do” under a colorful tree will be really a beautiful experience. And the photographs will become wonderful too.
  • Bear in mind that the fall season begins very early up here in Maine, compared to other more southern areas.  Denver foliage, for instance, can begin up to 2 full months after Maines! (Source:
  • Bright up your wedding with wood made lanterns. Especially in the fall season, you will get more options for lanterns in sizes, styles and shapes. Also, you can hang the lanterns from the colorful tree branches to create a spectacular visual appeal. Certainly, this can add a sense of elegance.
  • Use red, yellow, orange, brown, green golden and amber colored autumn flowers to decorate your wedding place. Make your wedding bouquet colorful too. Lily, dahlia, daisy, aster, marigold, zinnia, gladioli, rose, chrysanthemum are the most commonly used flowers in fall wedding in order to add warmth and color.
  • To add a rustic look to your wedding centerpiece, use the succulent plant.
  • Tree branches look great as fall wedding decor. You can place a tree branch on a table and decorate it with flowers and candles. You can keep thin tree branches along with flowers in a vase to add a decent and unique look to your wedding.
  • Tree logs are also useful when it comes to adding a rustic touch to your wedding in the fall season. Use them as candle holders and place on a slab made of wood.
  • Use a whole tree as your wedding centerpiece. A small sized tree with colorful skinny branches can make your decor sophisticated. To brighten it up, hang ornaments, candles, flowers or any other decoration of your choice from the tree.
  • Cranberry, acorn, pinecone are the main fall fruits. These fruits along with colorful leaves are also useful in a fall wedding. You can arrange a vase with cranberries and wheat. Or put all the fruits in a long glass and place on the table.

These are some unique ideas that I have shared today to make your fall wedding look perfect. Each part of a tree is useful in the fall season for adding the touch of elegance to the wedding. Autumn is the season of calmness and beauty. And such essence you need when you get married. So pick the fall season for your wedding. Leverage the power of trees and add a unique touch to theme and decor. Make the most important day of your life memorable.

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