How to Decide on a Wedding Photographer, Regardless of Price

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July 5, 2017
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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is coming up soon, and you have a lot to plan for it. After all, it is an exceptional day for you and your partner. One of the most important things you need to prepare for is hiring a photographer. Hiring a photographer is important because you are making memories with your partner for life and your friends and family. However, there are a few things you need to know before finding the perfect wedding photographer.

What is Their Style?

This is an important question and should be the first one you ask. Although many people ask about price, price doesn’t matter to you because you want a perfect wedding photographer who matches your style.  For example, Nemus Photography out of Lake Tahoe has a light, whimsical style that fits well for natural outdoor shots, while others might have a more noir style fitting of cityscapes.

So, ask them what their style is when interviewing them before you ask them anything else. Are they photojournalists? Do they primarily do fashion shots? Or, do they use beautiful art to inspire them when photographing their targets? Make sure their style matches yours before you even think about hiring them for taking the most important pictures of your life.

Has This Photographer Shot Weddings Similar to Yours Before?

Ask the photographer who you are interviewing if they have the experience to shoot your wedding. Have they shot one like yours before? Do they know exactly how you want your shots done?

If they can show you that they have done a wedding like yours before, they are most likely the wedding photographer you want to hire. Of course, you could keep looking but, don’t forget, your special day is coming up soon.

How Long Have they Been a Wedding Photographer?

Specifically, you ideally want to ask them, not really how long they have been doing this as a profession, but you need to know how many times they have done this?

They could tell you that they have been shooting wedding photos for ten years but, in reality, they have only done 25 to 30 wedding shoots. If they have done a lot of them and can prove it to you, they may be your perfect photographer.

How Many Other Wedding Jobs do They Have That Day or Weekend?

Is this photographer shooting more than one wedding on the same day as yours or are they making yours a priority and only concentrating on yours that day or for the whole weekend?

It would be better if they didn’t have any other shots to do on the same day or weekend as yours so they can just concentrate on yours and not have to hurry up during yours.

Will There be a Contract for every Person Involved to Sign?

Ask them if they have a contract that you and your partner can read over, make sure it is to the both of your likings, and sign it. Make sure they sign it too. Having a contract with everything in writing before you hire this photographer for your wedding is a good idea.

This way, if anything goes wrong, everything that is supposed to happen is in writing, and you can take them to court if it comes to something like this. Hopefully, it won’t though. Having everyone sign a contract is a perfect idea before anything gets started.

Asking all of these questions and making sure everything is perfect for your special day is a good idea before hiring a wedding photographer. You want to ensure you know everything about them before hiring them for your wedding day. Don’t hire anyone unless all of the above is taken into consideration beforehand.

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