Choosing a Photographer for Your Wedding – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Beautiful Wedding Photography

There will be a time in our lives where we want to look back and relive the happy memories and cherish them, for they are the important parts of life. Getting married is not something we do, again and again, it is a once in a lifetime moment and every single couple wants to make it memorable, so that after years together when they reflect on their wedding day they can feel that love, emotion again. A wedding photographer does a great job of framing that memory in photos that stay with us a lifetime.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a part of preparation that takes place long before the big day. Even though wedding preparation are a big hustle bustle but, of course, every single couple only wants the best for their wedding, but not all of the couples have a limitless budget, so important planning must be done.

Now the big question is, how to choose a wedding photographer that will not turn your wedding into a living nightmare that you have to carry your whole life. Here are some simple tricks you can use when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer.

1. Do not just focus on budget

Not everyone is blessed with a hefty sum to spend on their wedding but focusing too much on a budget that you compromise is not a good thing especially when it comes to a wedding photographer. Choosing a person who offers budget price and good quality seems too good to be true and do not just choose anyone because they are offering the lower price. Make a wise decision and keep your budget little loose when you choose your wedding photographer.

2. Choose someone under contract

You seriously can’t think of hiring the first person you meet to be your wedding photographer. Choose someone who can offer you a contract for both videographer and photography so that all ends will be covered. It also offers assurance that a person must be good and experienced because only a confident and experienced photographer can offer.

3. Get recommendations and do thorough research

Yes, your relatives, friends, aunts and uncles can do more than just gossiping. Get recommendations from your near and dear one as well as check websites and do the research before finalizing the photographer. Sometimes you will land on recommendations that you might not have considered, such as a commercial photographer or someone from an adjacent city or town.  You can check their previous work and meet one or two clients that they work for.

4. Makes the choice that satisfies both partners

It is not the grooms or the bridegroom jobs alone to select the photographer. Actually, it is a mutual effort for a day from you going to start a new life of togetherness. Make decisions together that satisfy both partners.

A wedding can be a tiresome event for everyone but it is a life changing moment for the couple. It is good to have someone who can capture the moment that will go to be precious for the rest of the life. When you decide to choose a wedding photographer, make decisions wisely.

What You Need To Know About Destination Weddings In Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany

One of the popular wedding destinations in the world today is Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its influence on high culture, artistic legacy, history, traditions and landscapes. The city is also regarded as the Italian Renaissance birthplace. These great features make it an awesome location for a wedding to take place. However, you should get everything you can on what you need to know about destination weddings in Tuscany. Some tips to help you are as follows:

Wedding planner

If Tuscany is the wedding destination of your choice, get a wedding planner who is experienced with local venues and vendors, or one who can recommend the best tours for your wedding party or honeymoon. There is nothing that can make a wedding a disaster as planning a wedding in a foreign country without someone who knows the region’s customs and area. A local renowned wedding planner would be a good choice.

The venue

There is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the wedding venue. You can go for one that allows you to rent a facility and choose individual vendors separately. Alternatively you can pick a wedding package that is all inclusive. Whatever your choice, make sure you get details of your rental. Find out the duration, restrictions, extras you are privy to, minimal stays and any other pertinent information.

Reserve the celebrant, town hall or church

Since a legal marriage has to be conducted in a celebrant (symbolic ceremony), town hall or church, chances of filling up are high. Once you decide on a date, start looking for a location that will suit your needs. It is advisable to pick a wedding venue that will be close to the ceremony as most of your guests may be foreigners, thus they will not be familiar with the location. A good wedding planner may be able to help you with this endeavor.

Wedding date

When you are choosing a wedding date, there are some things you have to take into consideration. Usually the best time to get married in Tuscany is between May and September. During this time, you will get long days meaning you can enjoy outdoor venues and alfresco dining. Take note you will need to book your venue 10 months before the wedding date to be assured of a great location. Avoid august as most businesses are closed and it is quite hot.

Type of ceremony

The fact that the wedding is in another country gives the couple two options. They can get married in their home country and have a symbolic wedding in Tuscany, or they can have a legally binding ceremony in Tuscany. A legally binding ceremony in Italy can only be done in a catholic church or through a civil ceremony in the town hall.

Final Verdict

A destination wedding in Tuscany is a great idea. The city has a lot to offer and can be a unique location for a wedding and honeymoon. However, you should know it will require a lot of planning. At the same time, the cost associated with such an occasion may be marginally higher than what you would expect for a normal wedding at home.

Why Choosing a Restaurant for your Wedding Reception is a Great Idea

Wedding Reception at a Restaurant

Deciding on an ideal venue for your wedding reception can be challenging at times. You have several options to choose from and you can opt for a hotel, catering hall or maybe have it under a tent in a beautiful garden.

The decision a couple makes depends on the time of the year, the budget, number of guests, etc.  There is yet another venue to consider for those who crave a fantastic meal in an elegant atmosphere: a restaurant venue.

We all know that in a wedding, food is the way to your guests’ heart and it makes the crowd feel welcome. Restaurants shine in this area of food and having the reception in a restaurant is like subjecting your guests to a four star experience. There are private rooms in many restaurants to accommodate receptions with some restaurants setting apart unique venues for special occasions.

To have a great wedding reception in a restaurant you need a few tips in your pocket which I have rounded for you.

Time of Year

The busiest months in the restaurant industry are November and December. You should consider having your reception anywhere in the year apart from these extra busy months.

Number of Guests

Restaurants have small and intimate spaces so the ideal number of guests would be less than 100. If it is a cocktail reception, you can settle for a higher number of guests but try to keep the number small for a more formal dinner.

Pricing Considerations

The price will generally depend on the number of guests and the time of the year. That said, considering that you book everything together; food, beverages, staffing and rentals, it tends to be cheaper than when you book everything separately. Restaurants have their distinctive look and their rooms are already decorated saving you expenses for decor which you would have paid for had you chosen other receptions.


Having a wedding reception in a restaurant is a great way to celebrate your big day, with the chief advantage being a slash on your budget. On the other hand, some couples may not be comfortable with the fact that the venue is already decorated because they would prefer a venue that is decorated to their specifications. However, you will find the decor in these restaurants appealing and there is a high chance you will like it.

Festoon and Fairy Lighting for Weddings: Yes or No?


One of the questions you will come across when planning for your wedding party is whether it would be a good idea to decorate the celebration venue with festoon and fairy lighting. If you ask experts, they would definitely recommend these lights and there are some pretty valid reasons behind that recommendation. Read on to get acquainted with the most important ones among them.

Even when planning a wedding reception, we need to follow a budget. Yes, there are exceptions, but for most of us abiding by a budget is essential. Being highly energy efficient, festoon and fairy lighting ensures that we don’t end up spending a lot on electricity bills. These lights are usually LEDs and consume as much as 90 percent less energy compared to the traditional incandescent lights. You must be wondering whether you should buy festoon lights for weddings and whether they would be able to light up the venue as beautifully as the standard bulbs. Rest assured; high quality string lights are capable of providing a warm, soft glow, exactly similar to the glow offered by traditional lights. This means, you will not need to compromise with the quality of lighting in the quest of saving on your energy bills.

Festoon Lighting at Weddings

The majority of the festoon lights are suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications. What’s more, some manufacturers are also making waterproof string lights for ensuring your outdoor party doesn’t come to a standstill if it starts raining suddenly. Another great thing about these lights is that they remain cool even after being used for several hours.

When it comes to versatility, few other decorative lights would score as impressively as the fairy and festoon lights. Other than using these lights for decorating the main party area, you will also be able to use them for decorating your rooms and patios. In addition, they can also be used as centerpieces and accent lights. Here’s another tip for you; if you hire an experienced professional for installing the festoon lights at the venue of your wedding reception, he or she will be able to make better use of these lights. These people are good at coming up with creative lighting ideas which will enhance the look of the venue even further.

High safety quotient is one of the main reasons why the majority of the users are opting for festoon and fairy lighting when it comes to organizing a wedding party. The high quality cables these lights come accompanied by ensure that people can concentrate on maintaining a romantic and intimate atmosphere instead of worrying about the safety of their near and dear ones.

The increased popularity of the festoon and fairy lights has forced most wedding party venues to prepare themselves for these lights. These venues have suitable points for hanging festoon lights from the ceiling (look around the ceiling to locate the fixing points). In addition, you can also use them to wrap and brighten up the pillars. These lights can be used to make the backdrop of the bar appear more attractive. They are even installed at the dance floor.

Napa Valley Weddings – How to Have the Perfect Wine Country Reception

Napa Valley Wedding Venue

With its astounding beauty and wonderful climate, California’s Napa Valley is a dream wedding destination. The wine country that exudes romance with its miles of lush rolling vineyards, Tuscan painted hills, and charming boutique hotels and restaurants offers an incredibly magical place to tie the knot. It is a place where you can be assured of making memories that will last a lifetime. If you would love to have a beautiful and elegant reception in Napa Valley, the tips below can help ensure you have the best of times as you blow your guests’ minds.

Have a budget and stick to it

Most couples who are looking to get married tend to go overboard when it comes to the reception budget. Avoid over-spending money that you do not have to please people, and when the day is over, you are left miserable trying to pay off debts rather than enjoy your union. Thankfully, Napa Valley offers different packages where you can pick the one that suits your pocket most.

Choose a suitable venue

This will probably be the toughest decision you have to make in the amazing wine country. From vineyard settings, high-class resorts, restaurants, country clubs, private estates, select wineries and lots more, you and your soul mate will be spoilt for choice. Take time and go through a couple of options by checking out pictures online to choose the one that you love most. If it is possible, visit the venue beforehand to make certain it is exactly what you want. Don’t forget to handle things such as decorations, lightings, sitting arrangements, and all other details that are needed to prepare the reception venue so that you and your guests’ jaws drop when you first step into the site.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink for Wedding

No one wants to have a party without something to munch or sip on. To keep the party going, you need to fuel up the guests so that people take their time to enjoy themselves rather than yawn into the night. If you are not sure of what to offer talk to the chef to ensure you get something that will excite the taste buds of everyone attending your party. Alcohol can be served after dinner if you can afford. Coffee can also work as it will keep people awake to dance the night away.

Plan the Events Carefully

Do not bore your guests with too many events as they might end up leaving you and your life-partner to enjoy the night on your own. Other than the traditional events such as first dance, daddy daughter dance, etc keep the events to a minimal. You should also remember to keep the speeches short and sweet. Here, you can get help from your close and trusted friends or wedding coordinators from Napa Valley who can chip in when it comes to ideas to make the reception a blast while relieving some significant stress off your back.

Get the entertainment right

Entertainment should be a huge part of planning your wedding reception in Napa Valley. Ensure that the playlist is curated in such a way that it matches your taste. Where possible, it is usually best to bring in a live band. They know how to keep the crowds going, and they also encourage audience participation. Just be sure that they plan their breaks accordingly so that the music does not stop when it is needed the most.

Have a surprise end night treat

If you would like your guests to stick around and not wander off in the beautiful wine country, you should promise that they will be a surprise treat at the end of the night. It can be anything from acrobats, belly dancers, flash mob, group photo booth or you can perform a song with the band just to wow the crowd. If it is allowed, you can plan a private wine tasting at night for your guests just before they retire to bed. You want the guests to be talking about the wedding reception long after it is done. They should not only fly out to enjoy the gorgeous sceneries Napa Valley has to offer, but they should also have a fantastic time at your reception.


Napa Wine Tour – – Perfect for after the ceremony on the way to the reception.

Napa Valley Wedding Venues – – Great for your planning stages and picking out a venue for the big day.


Is Gold Old? The New Styles of Wedding Rings Popular Today…

Styles of Wedding Bands

Popular wedding ring designs like gold and white-gold wedding rings with oval or pear shaped diamond have become very old-fashioned and generic nowadays. For this reasons, wedding ring designers and makers are coming up with different design ideas that are not only uniquely beautiful, but the styles and metals have all the quality to stand the test of time.

Here 4 new types of metals and also 3 new styles that are tending in the world of wedding and engagement rings have been discussed next. So, do read on to know what they are:

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose Gold as the name suggests has a warm pinkish hue which is truly unique and gives off a very romantic vibe when used as a metal for creating wedding rings. In fact, rose gold has gained so much popularity for its unique color that it is now exclusively used to craft other piece of jewelry as well. Here it is important to mention that the overall percentage of metal alloys of rose gold is exactly same as that of yellow and white gold.

Black Zirconium (Matt Finish)

This new metal that is making a wave in the jewelry world is made by putting standard zirconium through a special oxidization process. Because of this process, it turns black in color. Even though it can be polished to have a high shine, but designers are using the matt finish option to come up with some exceptional wedding rings.

Tungsten Carbide

Weddings rings are prone to wear and tear as nobody takes it off, so using a durable metal to create stylish wedding rings was long overdue. Tungsten carbide happens to be a compound of carbon and tungsten. Hence, it is not only durable and scratch resistant, but it also has a very shiny and bright luster. As it has a permanent polish, so it retains this luster even without any kind of maintenance (compared to traditional metals used). Besides, it also happens to be hypo-allergenic.

Chrome Cobalt

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

Following the same trend of new, hard precious metals is the cobalt chrome ring, which shines an illustrious shine of chrome and 5 times the strength of gold.  Because of this it is resistant to scratches and tarnishes, and can be worn with assurance that it won’t be harmed by knocking it around a bit.  Styles look great on men and are a very popular male wedding band.

There are also different styles used in rings today.  See 3 of them below:

Precious Stones/Colored Gems

The latest trend is using colorful precious stones in place of diamonds. A bright green emerald or a beautiful blue sapphire or a stunning red ruby can definitely stand out and bring that oomph that is commonly not found in generic wedding rings. This also gives an option to personalize the ring as one can choose a stone according to their favorite color or birth stone/lucky stone.

Square Bands

Square Wedding Band

Not only it is visually unique, but it is also practical to go for the square band style for a wedding ring. Because of the square shape, the ring becomes sleek which makes it comfier to wear than a standard round band. The edges do not constrict or pinch and allows stacking.

Vintage Style

A vintage design like Art Deco or Victorian style is technically an old design, but the beauty of this style is that it is timeless. Besides being glamorous, the vintage style can be personalized by adding other styles. For example, adding floral accent with this vintage trend will result into a unique and whimsical touch that will be special forever.

Beside these mentioned metals and styles, currently green gold and the use of colored diamonds instead of a traditional diamond are also being used to make wedding rings.

The Best Wedding Photograph Settings for Fall vs. Spring Weddings

Spring Wedding Bouquet

Wedding is one of the big-days in one’s life. Everyone wants to capture the memories of this day in the form of photographs so that he/she can revive and enjoy these moments anytime throughout their life. for this reason the photographer has to consider several things to make suitable settings in fall weddings as well as spring weddings.

Photographic settings in Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding

The photographer has to consider color theme and types of flowers available in fall to make a suitable and decorative setting for wedding photography. Usually seasonal color schemes like gold, orange, mauve and cranberry red are preferably used in various mixes and match settings for fall weddings. These settings will not only make the environment colorful but also make everyone including the wedding couple look unique at this occasion.

One photographer who specializes in couples at City Hall in San Francisco shares these following tips:  While using color theme for photography in fall wedding flowers also play great role in making a suitable environment for the photographer. The seasonal flowers selected as per the color theme of the wedding can help in creating more beautiful settings for the wedding photographs. Amaryllis is one of the best flowers used during Fall wedding because of their availability in wide variety of colors to give a fantastic look to the entire atmosphere. The settings become more colorful for the wedding photographs if various other colorful flowers are used in combination to flowers of color theme. Along with the warmth of seasonal flowers and color theme traditional decoration lights can also help the photographer in making suitable setting for shooting memorable photographs of the couple and his/her guests.

Photographic settings for a Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Couple

Spring is considered as the best season for weddings as all types of color themes, soft and classy as well as colorful and bold, suit to this season. Your big celebration can become more memorable if the combination of various color themes is selected for it as it will boost up the background of your wedding photographs. You can choose combination of chiffon yellow, seafoam green and tiffany blue for this purpose as the combination of dark and light colors will pair well with your wedding environment.

Like in any other season flowers play a great role in setting up suitable atmosphere for the photographers during spring wedding photography. The use of seasonal flowers like delphinium, tulips, anemone and daisies will give a sweet, elegant and colorful touch to the entire setting of the wedding venue as well as suitable for the photographer. If plants with colorful blooming seasonal flowers are used for decorating the venue then it can be more suitable setting for the photographers in combination with the seasonal color theme and flower decorations.


Thus, photographer can choose the best settings for the best wedding photographs in any season whether it is fall or spring wedding. Every wedding has beautiful decoration to make this big day memorable in one’s life. The photographers can also give their suggestions to the decorators make the settings more suitable for them. It will help in making their photographs more memorable as well as attractive for every viewer.

Unique Venue Ideas for Your Wedding


You only get married once, so make sure that you do what you want. After all, it is your special day. Think of all the things you want and figure out how you want to do them.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the venue. It should reflect the sensibilities of the couple while also maintaining an air of respectability. This article presents a few unique venue ideas for your wedding.

The Beach

It has the sea, the waves, and the salty air blowing to keep you cool. This is perhaps one of the most romantic venues you could have. However, it is far from unique as countless couples have already done this for their own weddings. But this should not stop you, after all.

A Pond House

This is probably the better version of a beach wedding. The venue itself is overflowing with class yet remains subtle. It gives guests that feeling of exclusivity one would not get from a beach. More importantly, it is so romantic. It would do your wedding ceremony well if it were held in such a venue.

This article presents a few unique venue ideas for your wedding. Think long and hard about it.

Highly Recommended Cuisines for Your Wedding Banquet


The food is crucial for any wedding. You need to think long and hard about the menu and how you plan to serve it. Keep in mind that the guests come for the ceremony but they stay for the food.

This article presents a few recommendations for the cuisines you should have for your wedding banquet.

Serving the Meal

Probably one of the best ways to serve wedding meals is family style. It is simple enough that you just put the different sides and entrees for each table so that the guests can share. It is an effective way to get people to talk to one another and is way less formal than having plated courses.


The general rule for appetizers is that you should have at least four and as many as seven. This is to keep your event from serving the same food over and over again while also keeping the costs in check. Listed below are a few recommendations.

  • Bruschetta
  • Sushi
  • Meatball sliders
  • Mini-grilled cheese sandwiches,
  • Tuna Tartare

Balancing costs and guest enjoyment is crucial when crafting the menu for a wedding banquet. Always remember that.